Every year, about 2,000 foreigners come to tour the house to

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Every year, about 2,000 foreigners come to tour the house to

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uk canada goose This September, government officials, educators and people involved in the Newfoundland and Labrador fishery visited the Ocean Cluster House to take notes on Iceland’s successful experiment. Their tour starts at the house’s public restaurant, « Bergsson, » where pillows are made from boat sails and pendant lights are cleverly fashioned from old buoys. Everywhere you look there are reminders of the fishery. uk canada goose

« We love to have designers involved with what we are doing here, » says founder.

canadian goose jacket While working on his PhD in business, Sigfusson found that fishing companies with money to invest weren’t well connected with start ups. In canada goose expedition parka uk 2011, he brought them together canada goose clearance sale under the Ocean Cluster House roof. The ideas pitched, developed and funded there are transforming the Icelandic economy. canadian goose jacket

The Ocean Cluster House has spawned about canada goose outlet florida 100 new Icelandic companies.

canada goose uk black friday Business incubation hubs aren’t new to Newfoundland and Labrador there’s Common Ground, Memorial University’s Genesis Centre and Holyrood’s Beach Head. canada goose uk black friday

All canada goose outlet black friday are spaces for tech start ups, but the seafood industry hasn’t participated to any large degree.

Canada Goose online In Iceland, the Ocean Cluster House is having great success. Every year, about 2,000 foreigners come to tour the house to find out how this small island nation is building its economy with its ocean resources. Canada Goose online

uk canada goose outlet Next, Sigfusson holds up a gel product made with enzymes found in fish intestines. The idea came from canada goose online uk reviews a researcher who wondered why the hands of his fishing nephews were surprisingly soft and supple. uk canada goose outlet

« What is a bit annoying for us Icelanders is that we’re mostly hearing that fisheries around the world need more fish to catch, but they are still throwing back 55 to 60 per cent of the fish and we’re actually saying you can do more with less, » says Sigfusson.

« These guys are actually telling the fishermen, just canada goose outlet store uk bring me the skin and throw the rest away! »As well as aiming for full utilization of the fish, Iceland is also innovating in the food market. Sigfusson points out ornate boxes made by Reykjavik Foods. « They’re canning Icelandic salmon and by doing that we can bring jobs back to Iceland, » he says.

canada goose uk outlet What Sigfusson tells the Newfoundlanders next, gives them hope. canada goose uk outlet

Canada Goose Coats On Sale « Many of these companies have actually started outside of Reykjavik in small villages so it shows that Newfoundland is also a place where canada goose uk office something like this can get going if the entrepreneurial spirit is there, » he says. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Although the younger generation in Iceland is keen to move the fishery forward, Sigfusson found many older Icelanders in the fishery resisted change.

« The good enough syndrome is very deep in seafood. »


Canada Goose sale « People told me in the beginning, you will only find 10 companies that need space and that’s it, » says Sigfusson. Canada Goose sale

« When. I tasted Alda in the beginning, I knew this was a good drink. This is something the market wants, » says Eirksson.

Codland has been testing the thirst for its product by selling Alda at the famous hotspring, the Blue Lagoon.

cheap Canada Goose « That canada goose uk sale black friday was excellent for us because you get people from different cultures buying it, » Eirksson says. cheap Canada Goose

Before they add more flavours, Codland canada goose outlet plans to build a factory in order to be ready for the export market.

Cod skin at the doctor’s office

canada goose clearance sale is another Icelandic entrepreneur creating value from fish by products. His company, Kerecis, makes medical implants from cod skin. https://www.drachen-spiele.de canada goose clearance sale

Kerecis has developed a method of canada goose discount uk removing all of the cells from fish skin.

« From the naked eye it still looks like just regular fish skin and then we sterilize it and pack it, » explained Sigurjonsson.

« Human skin is surprisingly similar to fish skin, there is no disease transmission risk from coldwater fish to humans. »Once the sterile fish skin is applied to the wound, healthy cells from the buy canada goose uk wound perimeter grow into the fish skin. As it starts to become populated by cells, fish skin converts to human skin in just a few weeks.

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