7 months for Kd treated patients versus 8

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7 months for Kd treated patients versus 8

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canada goose clearance sale ORRs were 77 percent canada goose sale outlet review in canada goose outlet the Kd arm versus 66 percent in the Vd arm (OR: 1.80; 95 percent CI: 1.12 2.89). For patients aged 75 years and older, median PFS was 18.7 months for Kd treated patients versus 8.9 months for Vd treated patients (HR: 0.38; 95 percent CI: 0.23 0.65). ORRs were 84 percent in the Kd arm versus 59 percent in the Vd arm (OR: 3.75; 95 percent CI: 1.71 8.24) canada goose clearance sale.

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